About me


My name is Angelina Linnenschmidt and I’m a 20-year-old artist based in Germany. I always loved to create and started since I was a child. 

My uncle plays a huge role in my interest in art. Almost every year on my birthday, my uncle made me a painting on my house wall with chalk. My neighbor also supported my passion to create. In 2018, she gave me an easel and a few art supplies which ended up to be my first time painting on a canvas and therefore on an easel. 

In the beginning of 2023, I started to post about my art on Instagram and TikTok, shared the process and took my art even more seriously. Showing my journey of painting on social media enables people to gain an insight into the process.

I want to inspire and encourage people to be creative and enjoy life artistically. I want to take away the fear to create and awaken their inner child to pursue dreams and go after their passion.

Painting is a reminder for me of what I’m capable of creating and my potential in general. Seeing ideas turn into reality is as rewarding as the process is relaxing to me.

Acrylic paint is the main medium I paint with but I like to experiment with others as well. Every now and then, I create mixed media art and I drew a lot with pencils back then.

My continuous desire to grow, to try new things and experiment with different styles lead to me changing styles a lot. However, chrome optic and portrait paintings as well as more abstract paintings are what I do and like to do the most.